About Us

Waxing is an intimate beauty process. That’s why Wax That follows impeccable safety measures, and shares them openly with our clients.

As the only waxing salon in Fort worth to offer its own apprenticeship program, Wax That upholds quality care standards through each of its employees. Our safety policies include:

  • Never double-dipping wax.
  • Changing linens (with bleach) after every client.
  • Cleaning tools with medical grade disinfectants.
  • Using gloves (including for facial wax).
  • Using tools to select wax sticks (not bare hands/fingers).
  • Do not rush the procedure or client exchange.
  • Do not take excessive time to complete the procedure: we want our clients to be comfortable, and comfort is a safety concern.
  • Disinfect all hard surfaces, including tables and lamps between every client.
  • Verifying client health pre-procedure.
  • Inclining our service table at an angle that is correct for the client’s body.
  • Practicing specific safety measures for pregnant clients.
  • Taking care of our estheticians through service furniture ergonomics.

We also carefully source our retail products, and develop relationships with the artisans who make them.

Practicing self-care requires faith in yourpractitioners, and we are delighted to serve you. To Book, give us a call.     (817) 823-3274 )